Aich Appraisers Auctioners and Valuers: Offering Valuation Services Backed by Quality, Performance & Excellence


During the early  19th  century, when industrial revolution was at its peak and witnessed the growth of various industries, people explored strategies to logically  value their business assets and liabilities  to derive their right equity value.  As  time went by, valuation  industry gained  concrete foundation, experienced  extensive growth and solidified its presence by leveraging technology and booming internet.  Today, property  valuation is a vital part for businesses to grow. Helping corporations define  their business valuations  is  Kolkata-based Aich Appraisers Auctioners  and  Valuers (AAAV). Under the  aegis  of Indranil  Aich (Managing  Partner)  with  Sunil  Kumar  Aich  &  Jhuma  Aich  (Partners)  on board,  AAAV  has managed to chisel excellence  in valuation  ecosystem with its unparalleled  quality, information  and data creation  exclusivity. The 2010-founded company offers construction,  mining  equipment and plant  &  machinery  valuations,  and  has successfully  offered  its services  to  35 banks,  financial  institutions,  Kolkata Court,  PSUs, Delhi  High Court  and many more.

Owning remarkable  merit  in  valuation of mining and construction  equipment,  AAAV’s suite  of services  caters to multiple industry verticals,  including government  businesses. Indranil asserts, “Government businesses, mainly  property and disposable assets valuation,  and  valuations  under  IBC 2016 are  now ruling  the  rust”.  AAAV, as a startup  conglomerate,  continuously deploys research work  of various apps that are backed-up by data, thus hallmarking  the  company’s expertise in knowledge leadership and market savvy valuation approach.