Bank of Sri Lanka Executive Director S Krishnan said that in the next six months, Syndicate Bank has earned Rs 5 lakh crore and is the 6th largest bank of the country.


He told reporters: Syndicate Bank has 4,000 branches and 4,200 ATMs across the country. There are also centers. The bank, which has been operating for more than 93 years, has got the status of a big bank in the next 6 months.

More than 5 lakh crores, the banks are working with big banking positions, thus, the revenue of Syndicate Bank is 4.80 lakh rupees. In the next 6 months, Rs 5 lakh crore will be raised. Accordingly, Syndicate Bank will be ranked 6th in India’s largest banks

We are currently conducting a meeting of bank employees and employees for further development and development. We have to make about 100 meetings in one and a half months, we are doing well with the central government. Moreover, after GST tax enforcement, small and The marginal companies that are on the small scale are now increasing. Apart from this, we are providing adequate support to small and marginal businesses. Syndicate Bank In Ulna, it has established a separate area as a new activity for 6.83 percent of the loan amount of Rs 14,000 crore weekly collection. Two general managers were appointed and 1,200 officers were working across the country.

During the interview, Chennai Regional Manager MS Prasad and Salem Regional Manager R. Panraj Kumar was present


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