The third decade of the 21st century is bound to open up plenty of opportunities for the downtrodden and underprevileged section of the society, specially the Dalits. The global impact of COVID-19, virtual closure of the large scale industries and the dire need to rejuvenate the nature and environment will compel the world to look towards the villages for fulfilling their basic necessities.
The migrant labourers of the rural India- who have left their villages and moved to the large cities and metropolis- it is time for them to come back to their villages. Whatever little land they still have in the villages can work wonder to boost up their economic condition provided they get united and avail the hi tech methods of agriculture as in Israel.
Because of the difficulties to run the big industries under the changed circumstances and the growing awareness among people about environment pollution, Government and financial institutions will be eager to extend financial assistance to the farmers. It will not be surprising if the next few years witness successive spates of green revolution in the fields of sericulture, pisciculture,olericulture,
horticulture,medicinal plants as well as in dairies and poultry farming. The farmers must take absolute responsibility, not only of cultivational activities but also of marketing and transporting the produces to the destinations.The underprevileged section must realise that they are the real farmers- the rights and responsibilities must be in their hands only.They must undetstand their power , strength and significance.Middlemen, moneylenders and Mahajans have no place under such a system.
For centuries, Dalits are known for their skills and vocational excellences.This is high time that the artisans- carpenters,ironsmiths,
goldsmiths,leatherworkers,metalworkers,painters,potters,sculptors and glassblowers learn the managerial skills of planning,organising as well as assessing the market and accessing it.
In a nutshell, the Dalits of India must understand that they are at the thresholds of rewriting history.What they need is only to realise their potentiality and work accordingly.If taken proper initiative and implemented nicely the new world, emerging out of the COVID-19 crisis, may belong to them.