Demonstrating a different law to stop inconsistent murders in Salem



Salem, November 29-

Janshakti Party protested against the continuous caste assault in Tamil Nadu in front of the Salem Collector’s Office.

The leader of the district led by Selv Bharatiya, District administrators Anandan, Senthil Kumar and Mariyappan led the state President Vidyadharan, the participants of the protest, Chandrashekharan, Vadivel, Dalit army, Shanmugam, Siddhi, Chetu attended

In the demonstration, Salim should be given the job of two of Rajlakshmi’s family in the assassination of the murderer in Salem, the victim’s wife Sarada and brother’s brother Shashikumar have been arrested.

Nandis, Swati should be given proper relief for killing caste killings To prevent a separate law should be passed, the caste refuses to start a separate section in the police sector to protect the married couples. Or emphasis on requirements including SC and SCT Abuse Prevention Act.


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