Human Rights and Crime Control Bureau


Dr. Randhir Kumar, National President of National Human Rights and Crime Control Bureau appointed Ms. Chaitali Das, Social Entrepreneur and Jute Revivalist as the State Women President at the National Human Rights and Crime Control Bureau on 5th September 2019. Chaitali Das, is recognised widely as a Social Entrepreneur, Reformist and Jute Revivalist. Her mission is poverty alleviation, focusing upon women empowerment and inclusive growth while conserving the environment. Chaitali is known for her work with women from rural and depressed backgrounds, incarcerated lives in the Correctional Homes of West Bengal while promoting jute as a fashion statement through her project “Jute Story Beyond Bars.” Over the course of time through her philanthropic activities she has managed to impact over 25,000 lives and continues to strive for impacting more. She has numerous laurels and recognition to her name. She has represented India, in several Nations on prestigious International Programmes and delegations to US, China, Nepal, Canada, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Istanbul and Sri Lanka.