Institute Of Social Responsibility and Accountability (ISRA) organized a webinar on Saturday to discuss a Paradigm shift in NGO’s Activities by national and International speakers across the countries.


Institute Of Social Responsibility and Accountability (ISRA) organized a webinar on Saturday to discuss a Paradigm shift in NGO’s Activities by national and International speakers across the countries. Mr.Satparshi Biswas (Director,legal Solutions International Justice Mission-Kolkata, India), Mr.Nigam Paudel( Founder/President) Team NEPO-Nepal) and Mr.Ehsanullah Hikmat(Executive Director Youth Mission Impossible Organization & General Director Of Royadd Digital Newsagency, Afghanistan). Mr.  Surjit Gosh (assistant Director of Voluntary Health Association of Tripura .India) was our moderator & as we have discussed the change in working styles of NGO’s in this pandemic situations.

Mr.Ehsanullah Hikmat executive director of Youth Mission impossible organization has discussed the pandemic situation in Afghanistan also shares the knowledge on Afghanistan government rules and regulations and also we get to know about the economic condition over there.

In Afghanistan NGOs have registered with Economy and Organization has registered with the Ministry of Justice. He told that in Feb20 first case of COVID 19 came after that mostly afghan’s infected with this Virus. Youth Mission Impossible NGOs perform different activities by organized Covid19 Relief camps. Team of Youth mission impossible allotted 23% – 25% of people as Security Media and to help patients over there.  Afganistan Government has announced lockdown where there is no Social Gathering or Some rules are created for the safety measures of Afghanistan’s. NGO’s and Local Government distributes all the basic essential items like Mask. Sanitizers, Food, etc. So that they don’t come in a Contact of Each other.

Due to the lockdown and Economy Crisis, everyone is working from the home from the private sector to the government sector. Mostly NGOs facing difficulties because they want to meet with government employees in favor of help for needy persons. National and International Funding have been stopped by funders as everything is Shut down but now the Condition of funding is bit improved.

Mr. Nigam Paudel former or president of NGO NEPO in Nepal. His vision and mission are clear for his Nepal to work on Poverty, Social Reforms, Agriculture, Irrigation, Human Rights, Conflict management, etc. Many things can do by students and Enternpurer for the welfare of people or society.

Vision and mission of NEPO. Team NEPO envision a peaceful thriving world, where young people will contribute towards society and mission is to inspire empower and connect young leaders to cascade sustainable change in communities focus is on Youth leadership where we will collaborate the youths and provide training to them in leading the team by providing projects to them and guide them when they need guidance. Health &Wellbeing provides all the facilities to everyone basically to a needy person and also organized campaigns especially in covid19. Education is an important part of life where a child is born with his right, Right to educations. NEPO has linked with many schools as well NEPO also provides free education to the children.

A list of campaigns has organized just Pustak Pariyojna book aim is to provide a book reading shelf or place in provision who need to study and want to continue their studies. The target of books was 10,000 in 2 years with 72 volunteers.

Mera Rukh’s aim is to plant 1 million trees in 2 years and almost 70,000 thousand trees have been planted in a year. Currently, we are working for COVID 19 providing kits, Medicines to people, and also to local government bodies govt camps. Working hard to provide people relief on Mental Stress by organizing campaign ns in name of Happiness programs expanded team in Nepal by 7 Provisions, 30 Districts, 35 Team,400+ Members, and  2000 + Volunteers to make people happy and Wealthy.

Mr. Saptarshi Biswas Director legal solutions International Justice Mission, Kolkata, India. He discussed their NGO protect people from Violence like Rescue Victims, Restore Survivors, Bring Criminals to Justice, Strengthen Justice System work with local government.

IJM( International Justice Mission ) work in India pan stake along with Come back labors traffics, Sex/Human traffics help them and provide them justice. Covid19 has affected economy stress on families, Loss of employees, Demand of cheap cost labors

On March 20 lockdown has been announced by Government IJM start working at home and fulfill all reliefs to workers, Slums, Release bounded labors. IJM helps their partners, society, Nations, and public servants by providing masks to them. IJM has solved 7k cases of sex traffics and Bonded labors local authorities 4k cases in the covid19 pandemic situation. IJM organizes a campaign to  Return back to home.

In India NGO has become more Agile means Agility means more response should give back to people within 2 days. The alliance means no individual can solve social problems make a group or come together with NGOs and help everyone.  Activeness means solving problems in a short time by doing any compensation which is good for society. Actions it is very important because “action comes from reaction” Only 2-3 people can rescue people by Social media platforms also create awareness. These recommendations are made by the Director of IJM to overcome the problems and serve humanity until the last breath.



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