Salem December

The Thirukural couplet, “Nandri Marappadhu Nandrandru (It Is not virtuous to forget gratitude),” applies well to Senthil Balaji said Chief Minister Edappadi K Palanisamy replying to questions on the former Transport Minister’s remarks that AIADMK was a sinking ship.

Answering reporters after attending several public functions in Gengavalli Taluk on Friday, the Chief Minister said that in 1996 Senthil Balaji was in DMK and contested for councilor’s post. He seems to display the mentality that matches this background. It was only by being in AIADMK he was known to the people. Only because of being in AIADMK he got a seat, became an MLA and was elevated to the top post of Transport Minister. Saying it was strange that Senthil Balaji calls AIADMK a sinking ship, Edappadi K Palanisamy said that the Thirukural, “Nandri Marappadhu Nandrandof ru” was true in his case.

When questioned why many were joining other parties despite his call to return to the AIADMK, the Chief Minister said that only self-centered forces were going to other parties. A whole lot of cadres remain faithful to AIADMK. Those who enjoyed power when Jayalalithaa was alive were the ones deserting the party. AIADMK is the party of faithful cadres said Edappadi K Palanisamy.
As regards his letter to the Centre seeking withdrawal of the Dam Protection Bill, the Chief Minister said that apart from writing the letter the AIADMK MPs have opposed the bill in the parliament. They have clarified to the Central Government that the provisions of the bill would affect the interests of the state badly.

We have been pressurizing the Centre when it comes to rights of the people of Tamilnadu as the people have trusted us with their mandate. To a question on Mekadattu Dam construction, Edappadi K Palanisamy said that he wanted all states concerned to comply to the Supreme Court order that any construction should be done only after obtaining the consent of the lower riparian states. Stating that for 50 years Tamilnadu is being betrayed of water rights, he said it forced the government to wage a legal battle to establish the rights.

To a question on Stalin’s repeated corruption charges and his intention to move the court, Edappadi K Palanisamy said that the Highway tender process was online now and transparent and the norms followed during the DMK was being continued. The charges of corruption were baselessly aimed to destabilized the AIADMK he said adding that the will face any number cases.
During his tour in Gengavalli Taluk, he told the people about the coming general elections in which he said the AIADMK will hold an alliance with the people unlike the DMK leader Stalin who is having talks with other parties for forging an alliance. People should elect the candidate recognized and blessed by Jayalalithaa he appealed.

At Veeragaanur addressing a massive gathering at a government function Chief Minister said that he was giving welfare aid through 21 department schemes to 27092 people and opening new projects and all at a total cost of Rs 131.51 crore. This contradicts the opposition charges that the state government was doing nothing said the chief minister.
Salem Collector Rohini R Bajibakhere presided over the function. Former Chairman, State Central Cooperative Bank R.Elangovan, Salem M.P V.Pannerselvam, and MLAs were present.