Threat of India after COVID19 :Subhashis Choubey


It will take time for the pandemic to settle down.If you think the problem will be over by 3rd May,you are wrong.In fact,it wil have its climax and anti climax in due course of time.But the post COVID-19 era will witness a different world and a different India, to be precise.The economy of the country might witness an extreme recession and even a depression.The cleverly coined terms  like GDP and Per Capita Income will lose their relevance.This is a golden opportunity to bid good bye to Nehruvian Economy and embrace the Gandhian Concept of development in letter and spirit.If implemented properly , every village will be self sufficient and self dependent.When Dr. Amartya Sen, the renowned Nobel Laureate  asks us to have more faith in Marxism ,he certainly does not intend to make India a communist country overnight.What he emphasises is the Land Reform Policy in Marxian model.West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura adopted this policy effectively and enjoyed its fruits.But still many things are to be done even in these states.In many provinces like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu,a sort of Zamindari System,although officially not in vogue , is still existing.Agricultural and farming activities must be in the hands of labourers and marginal farmers and never in the hands of landlords and traders.It is high time that we should eliminate the system of individual ownership of land and instead a strong cooperative system should be introduced.Once the lands are in the hands of marginal farmers,the modern ills of agriculture like over exploitation of ground water,application of harmful pesticides and insecticides, evasion of taxes in the name of agriculture,hoarding and blackmarketing of agricultural produces will be matters of the past. We must realise this world cannot sustain another industrial revolution. The sooner, the better.