So far, Covid-19 has proved to be more destructive than a World War.It has affected almost every country, every locality of this planet.By the time I am writing this article, 8 lakh 67 thousand and 370 people have succumbed to the pandemic while total number of infected people is more than 26 million.India, being one of the worst- hit countries of the world has already reported a mortality of 67,511 people and the number is increasing by almost 1000 every day.Along with a meticulous planning, it requires a strong political will as well as wholehearted contribution of the people in general in order to control the spread of the disease.However, the way we have tried to tackle the problem these days is not very encouraging.It is a testing time for our mental strength and stamina; needless to say, we have failed the test so far.
Blame game, gross carelessness and indifference to the problem, reluctance to adopt the safety norms, inability to comprehend the seriousness of the disease might be some of the prime reasons for our faiure to contain the Virus.India is basically a crowd loving nation.Bollywood stars want overflowing audience in the multiplexes.Cricketers feel elated at the spectre of an Eden or a Firoz Shah Kotla, exceeding their capacity of spectators. A rising singer feels happy to find  a full auditorium, physicians are glad to see a long list of patients  eagerly waiting for hours for their attention and admission procedure goes on throughout the year even in the renowned schools.Terms like Community Service, Social Distancing, Health & Hygiene have no significance in our society.It is not surprising, despite repeated appeals by different government agencies, people are not ready to adhere to Covid-19 protocols.But the most disappointing of all is the attitude and approach of the Indian intellectuals.Media is busy either in blaming the government for diminishing consumption during the Lockdown reflected in negative GDP or in the postmortem of a filmstar whether it was a suicide or a homicide.Doctors- the socially recognised Avtaars in rural India are busy in multiplying money either through inflated bills in the hospitals or by cheating gullible patients in the Covid testing laboratories.The role of the educational institutions has been highly disappointing.The educators with their large force of students could have contributed remarkably by spreading awareness among the poor and the illiterate, mobilising funds and distributing masks and sanitisers.Countries like Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan have shown the world how to control the pandemic by adopting SMS- Sanitisers, Masks and Social Distancing.At the same time, they have taught the world how to three Cs – Closed spaces, Crowded places Close Contact Settings.In India, we have wasted precious six months.Those countries which have successfully contained the disease, have proved that Lockdown is not required where 80 percent of the people follow the Covid protocols voluntarily and rigorously.Criticising the government is fine- after all, it is a blessing of Democracy.But at the same time, Democracy is useless if the citizens and the common people are not aware enough.